Step 1: Why Getting Pre-Approved is SO Helpful & Important!

Getting Pre-Approved to purchase a home is incredibly; incredibly important! In all honesty it’s actually the most important first step a prospective home buyer can take.

Typically, most home-buyers want to test the waters and get their toes wet; inquiring about various properties of interest, schedule tours, and just take a look.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping the housing market, peaking into things and seeing what’ available. I actually encourage it!

However, an individual and/or family who has shopped the market without attaining a pre-approval is essentially missing out on gaining the knowledge (financial education) and power (ability to purchase) which makes the entire concept of homeownership very scary and unclear.

Getting pre-approved will help provide the peace of mind and clarity that you need and deserve.

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Here are the top reasons why it will help! I encourage my buyers to meet with a professional and go over financial questions as the lender has key knowledge and insight to provide a comprehensive understanding of the full financial picture.

  1. Financial Education 101 –
    1. What is Real Estate – How is Real Estate A Profitable Investment- How Real Estate Appreciates (Gains Value over Time) How to Build Long Term & Generational Wealth – Why Real Estate Creates A Return on Investment (Equity) vs ZERO return (renting) – Tax Advantages of Home Ownership
  2. Understand What it Takes- What Credit Score is Needed to Qualify ? How to Improve Credit Score(s) – If Married How to File Jointly and Increase Buying Power – How Much of a Down Payment is Needed – In Many cases ZERO Down Payment Programs Are Available! How much needs to be saved for closing costs- what are closing costs- how can your Realtor – Micah Buczek help you negotiate to where the seller pays for your closing costs!
  3.  Understand YOUR BUDGET- what will monthly payments be – what range suits you best – what can you really afford and what is a realistic picture of what is available in your price range – how to have your Realtor Micah Buczek- help you find a sweet deal!
  4. Have the knowledge- have the power – When you are pre-approved you have an incredible advantage- you understand what you are doing and what you are looking for. You are ready to buy! You will not be ineligible and have to watch the perfect home vanish from the market and miss out before you had the chance.

Myself and Jim Kaiser the Managing Broker @ Cherry Creek Mortgage are here to help you and we would love to meet with you!

Jim can help you get PRE-QUALIFIED TODAY….

Not everyone will qualify RIGHT NOW… However, Jim has 20 years of credit history and he loves people. He goes above and beyond to serve and help in any and everyway possible and help strategize a success plan to get you to where you want to be. I love working with Jim and we make a great team! We would love to help you and your family make a smart move that helps you for years to come, and find a home you truly love and adore. The link to his site is below.

Jim Kaiser: Grand Junction, CO Mortgage Loan Officer | Cherry Creek Mortgage (jimkaisermortgages.com)

Friends: Please take care of yourselves and hold tight to those you love most during this Christmas and Holiday Season.

I will be serving FREE delicious Coffee’s @ my office Harvest Realty LLC which is located at 104 Orchard Ave Ste #B1 right on the corner of N 1st & Orchard in the heart of the city and in the Hillcrest Plaza Shopping Center. I would love to chat with you and help you along your journey home.

Highest Blessings!

Micah Buczek 

Broker/Owner – Harvest Realty LLC

10 Years Service & Counting!



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