Interest Rates ALL TIME Low- What That Means For You

I personally  have been in the Real Estate Industry for ten years now and I have NEVER seen interest rates so good.

I am seeing people close on homes and refinances with interest rates in the 2%’s & even sometimes high 1%’s. The impact of this is HUGE!

For example, lets say you purchased a home in 2019 like me at 4.5% on a $320,000 mortgage. The difference in 4.5% to 2.5% which is a very reasonable par to assume for a year to date index rate,

which could be greater or lesser dependent upon credit score. Nevertheless the annual interest amount paid differential is $6400 per year and $533.33 per month. What would you do with an

extra $500 per month? Could that provide greater financial security and freedom to enjoy life? The answer is YES!

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The impact of alarmingly GREAT interest rates for new and existing homeowners are:

  1. LOWER MONTHLY Payments – In my scenario my payment is reduced OVER $500 per month – yours may be less or MORE…either way right now Housing is VERY AFFORADABLE!
  2. MORE BUYING POWER – With Lower Interest Rates you may qualify for MORE of a budget and be able to get into a GREAT HOME!
  3. MORE EQUITY- Paying Less Monthly interest and More Principal will tremendously increase the EQUITY you have in your home. This makes selling your home down the road MORE PROFITABLE!
  4. STOP RENTING- Breaking the cycle of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage & increasing the value of their home is a trap. There is ZERO return on rent. Whereas owning your own home can build tremendous wealth and even provide an inheritance and/or college fund for children & grandchildren.
  5. ENJOYMENT- It is an incredible accomplishment and truly rewarding to own your very own home.

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