It’s Not About Me

I have been pondering the importance of serving others from a genuine heart and the power of authentic love. I feel that in the world of sales it is all to easy to become consumed with the fast paced turn and burn mentality. The desire to achieve and climb the ladder becomes so strong in our materialistic society. The American Dream has corroded the fabric of the soul, and has tarnished the ability to connect with others on a solid foundation of connectivity, relationship, commitment, and love. This loveless pattern will rob the soul, and steal the focus of what it is all about.

One of my favorite movies in the entire world is Jerry McGuire. Tom Cruise plays a successful sports agent who is performing at an elite level. He has more clients than he can handle, a gorgeous girlfriend, and more money than what he knows to do with. All of a sudden, in the middle of the night he awakes from sleep. He begins to pour out his heart, writing a manuscript about the quality and value of relationships. The importance of connectivity on a soul level, and a higher valued success through the statement “less is more.” His mission statement that he distributed to his cooperate office was “less clients, less money.” His longing to genuinely serve from the heart superseded his desire to use people to get their money. He was fired the next day, and began the painful and amazing adventure of starting his own tiny practice.

In a way, my story is very similar to Jerry McGuire. I recently left the cooperate world as an all star top performing salesman. No only did I leave in terms of switching industries. I also left geographically, and made an enormous family move to Grand Junction, Colorado. I left to pursue first family happiness, to be strengthened and established in a loving community, and to live a life full of love and commitment. Secondly, I left a booming market and strong performance to a new area where I don’t know a soul. I left with little promise of success, but a heart full of passion and desire to serve others in a meaningful and genuine way.

I didn’t want my legacy to be all about the almighty dollar. I didn’t want my business to be build upon any foundation other than love and connection on a human level. It burned inside of me to not take advantage of others, to provide a heart-felt service that honors people, and brings out the best in others. I went into Real Estate knowing that it is a highly competitive and challenging business. I look all around me, and I see everyone struggling to out-perform, out-sell, out-do everyone else. It breaks my heart.

I don’t want to be better than anyone else, I don’t want to out perform, out shine and out sell anyone. As a matter of fact I don’t like the idea of selling anything at all. I want to serve from the core of my being and give my best to honor others. I want to genuinely know my clients the way that I know my family and I want them to know that I would do anything for them. This apparently is my mission statement. This is my heart. This is my life. I will not do anything half-hearted, I will not do anything only for my own gain, and I certainly will not do anything for my own glory. My glory is to serve others.

I have total faith that God is the one who is in control of everything in the world. I am excited and scared to pursue my dreams, but I know that it will be worth it. Walt Disney said that “all of your dreams can come true if you just have the courage to pursue them.” I want to have more courage; but I believe that the greatest courage of all is found in love. To have courage doesn’t eliminate the aspect of fear, it just doesn’t empower the fear to control your thoughts and destiny. I pray that all who read this will be guided by love and courage to serve one another. This is me humbling myself, admitting, it is not about me.

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