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In the competitive world of Real Estate the home-buying process can be thrilling and wonderful and also devastating and heartbreaking. If anyone reading this article has ever gone through the process of house hunting, gathering the courage to place your strongest offer, and losing to a competitive bid; you know what I am talking about. The thought of going through all of the inconvenience and trouble of becoming pre-qualified, searching homes day and night, fighting through traffic, and orchestrating dozens of home tours to finally face the gavel of imminent rejection; makes my soul cringe. In light of the challenge at hand of a competitive market, low inventory, and high probability of multiple offers in place on every quality home; I have developed a strategy that gives home buyers a tremendous competitive edge.

In fact, the last two buyers that I have represented were outbid in the process and were still successful in attaining the home that surpassed all others. You may ask yourself, why in the world would a seller accept an offer for less money? The answer to this question is that at the heart of hearts, it is not always about the bottom line. The opportunity to build authentic relationship and find commonality between buyers and sellers bridges the gap of indifference and creates a genuine connection that is alluring, attractive, and powerful. I will not fully share the method of how I convey this livid and genuine power-play which has proven a continuum of success.

However, should you have a desire to increase your success rate. If you are tired and exhausted of being outbid, and are heartbroken over loss. I would love to work with you to show you the tools that will give you a tremendous advantage, and bring you home safely. I will also fully disclose the methods of empowerment and sharpened success at my upcoming home-buyer conference. Hosted by myself and lending expert Laurinda Conrad of Northpointe Bank NMLS #187645. This conference will give you everything that you need to fully understand the home-buying process and strengthen you on your way home.

Home-buyer Conference (Free Event)

Date: Wednesday April 25th

Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Location: Grand Junction Board of Realtors: Conference Room

2473 Crossroads Blvd.

Grand Junction, CO 81506

Pizza & Refreshments Provided

If you would like to attend please fill out the form below to reserve your place!



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