First Time Homebuyer: You Need To See This!

First Time Homebuyers have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to see the dream of homeownership come true.
With specialized programs to help support local families and individuals; the opportunity to set roots in the community is supported through programs like CHFA & USDA.
These remarkably generous programs eliminate the need for heavy down payments, tremendous savings, and assist families to find a home they can call their own. This program has me tremendously
excited to present to my clients as an opportunity to escape the traps of burning rent money every month. Call me today to attain more vital information about this excellent and helpful opportunity.
A woman and a boy.

Over the past 43 years, CHFA has invested more than $13.2 billion into Colorado’s economy. These resources have helped:

  • 94,786 ​Colorado homebuyers achieve homeownership;
  • 117,528 households attend homebuyer education classes held statewide;

​​​ID Sculpture

created in 1973

CHFA’s mission is to strengthen Colorado by investing in affordable housing and community development.

We were created in 1973 by the Colorado General Assembly to address the shortage of affordable housing in the state. In 1982, when the Colorado economy was experiencing economic difficulties,
C​HFA began making loans to businesses

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