Buy a Home with NO down Payment

NO down Payment, NO problem! 620 credit score, 2 years on the job, that’s it! CHFA Colorado Housing & Finance Authority will cover all of your down payment expense. Seller concessions will cover your closing costs/lender fees & appraisal costs in full. $1000 Earnest Money will be required & possible small fee for a professional home inspection. That is your total & only expense out of pocket! Get into a beautiful home, build equity, gain tax advantages and write offs every year, and stop burning rent money every month. (If you have 2 years work experience in multiple jobs in the same field that will also qualify.)

This is 100% legitimate and real.

I love helping families get into home that they love and thoroughly enjoy!

I am here to help you take the first steps and guide you through the process.

Recent Sales utilizing this program

  1. 510 Quebec Court, Fruita CO 81521
  2. 21363 Solar Court Delta CO 81416
  3. 533 Arrow Court, Clifton, CO 81520
  4. 3189 Summit Way Grand Junction CO 81504
  5. 473 32 1/8 Rd. Clifton, CO 81520
  6. 3091 Canyon Trail, Grand Junction, CO 81504
  7. 483 1/2 Anjou Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81504

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To submit an application click the link below and complete an online application…please make sure to utilize “Micah Buczek- Harvest Realty LLC” as a reference in the application so that I can help guide you through the home buying process once you are approved.

Thanks again!


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